Quote Discussion #1: A True Friend (like me) *flips hair*

Have you ever had that one good friend? I hope so! (I will also be your true friend by the way-if you want me to ) A true friend doesn’t have to be your bestie, BFF or BFFL (I remember when I was in 3rd grade I used to use those terms a lot- I don’t know why-don’t judge) *flips hair*

So, back on topic… I was going to talk about this quote. It states that true friends aren’t about being inseparable. Now, don’t get confused! *flips hair* (i’m always confused if you don’t know by the way so, I don’t blame you) They are intending to tell you that being a true friend isn’t about being physically inseparable.

Image result for funny good friend gif

Many times, you may not be able to say with your friend forever, you may have to go a different route because of having to move away, move schools, move or change jobs and maybe even other personal causes. *tear* 

The second portion of this quote says that even when you are physically separate, nothing changes. It means that distance shouldn’t matter, you should talk and be friends at any cost. No matter your physical distance, your metal distance should stay the same, this is true friendship.

Image result for true friend gif

Ok, I can’t make this post so boring, I need to help you sweet people! I will explain to you, what makes a good quote step by step and each and everything you need to know. *flips hair* (cause I’m smart fam! Just Kidding 😂) 


(in five steps) *flips hair*

1.Pick a topic that you like (friendship, relationship, love, life etc.) When you do this, try to be as precise as possible. For example, you can either choose (in the relationship category) how to have a good relationship or what to do in a relationship. The topic should be personally appealing. *flips hair* (I know what you are thinking, why did I flip my hair, the answer is: I don’t know). If you have personal experience with that topic, it’s even better! Just make sure you are connected to that topic, have a lot of information about it and have at  least a little bit of experience with it.

Image result for expert with sunglasses gif2. Figure out what you are intending to say. What message are you trying to portray to your audience and what ages will your audience be? Will they be kids, teens or adults. This will help you figure out the types of words you want to use (you don’t want to use big words with small children) and you also what to know if the quote will be appropriate for that age group. You wouldn’t want to be talking about love with 5 year olds! 😂

3. Articulate the message. Use words that really stand out. For this step, you may want to use a Thesaurus. Instead of saying nice you can say incredible or wonderful. Use similes and metaphors to make it easier and fun to read! (like my blog! I’m just kidding😂) *flips hair* Don’t go too over the top though (just like I go too over the top with flipping my hair) *flips hair* The phrase should be short and meaningful. Many people (including the lazy me) don’t want to go through and read a long message. Bottom line, it should be short, simple, self-explanatory and easy to paint an image of.

4. Make it personal for all. From the first step, you know that you should personally connect to it. But, you should keep in mind that the quote should be appealing to not only you but, your audience as well because that who you are making the quote for! They should be able to relate in some way.

5. Lastly, make sure you are happy and revise it once or twice and you’re done!Image result for expert gifTWO IMPORTANT THINGS:

  • Please share your quotes that you make! I would love to reads through and reply to them! I cant wait ti see you peoples creations! If you want to share a quote that already exists but you really like it… share it with me! I would love to read your favorite quotes and reply to them as well!!!
  • I don’t know where to start! You guys have been so kind and you even gave me the support I needed! I feel like this is a dream but it isn’t. You guys are truly the best and even if I don’t know you guys, you are supporting me which is more than I can ask for. I never knew I would be so loved and I will be blogging and making sure my content is what you all want! Thank you so much for all the support! I feel so loved and I had a very warm and happy welcome from you guys. TOODLES!

29 thoughts on “Quote Discussion #1: A True Friend (like me) *flips hair*

  1. This was SO GOOD for a first official post! Very unique too, I don’t think I’ve seen someone post about how to create a quote lol I try to create my own all the time and a lot end up in my poems. Really enjoyed reading this✨

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  2. Aww, this is such a great post! You honestly seem so professional, and you just started! And YAS you used those gifs perfectly and I bow down to you. I love this friendship quote (I think I made a t-shirt out of it), and it’s so true! Even when you’re separated, you should be able to come back to each other and everything will be the same — because you’re such great friends. I would make up a quote, but unfortunately, I am stupid and cannot think of anything. 🙂 Love this post! ❤

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  3. This was really well-written. I like that you picked a quote, and then broke down the steps of how to pick a good one 🙂
    I agree with you about friends, now that I’m an adult and such, a lot of my close friends and I don’t see each other every day (and some live in different cities/countries) but nothing changes. We still talk/email/skype and we still have that same, strong bond 🙂


    This is such a good post, especillay as like your first official post! I loved every minute of it. I love the quote, but then I don’t think there is such thing as a true friend. Because sometimes true friends spead apart for amny reasions, but still have a place in your heart! I just made my own quote!
    A word is all it takes.

    Basically, the quotes is showing how powerful words are and how ONE SINGLE word can mean so much, so use your words wisely. I LOVE QUOTES so this post is obviously awesome.

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